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Shirley M. Mueller
President and Founder

Investment Background

Financial Positions:
  • Senior Wealth Advisor, Star Wealth Management
  • Senior Investment Officer, Goelzer Investment Management
  • Investment Specialist for high net worth individuals, Charles Schwab
  • Financial Representative, New England Financial (Division of Metropolitan Life)
  • Board of directors, Financial Planning Association of Greater Indiana
  • Public Relations Director, Financial Planning Association of Greater Indiana 

Financial Certifications:
  • Stockbroker Qualified: 1999
  • Registered Investment Advisor Qualified: 1999
  • Insurance License Qualified: December, 1998
  • Mutual Fund and Variable Annuity Qualified: 1998 

Medical Background

  • Graduate of the University of Iowa Medical School: Alumni interview at the University of Iowa
  • Boarded by the American Board of Neurology and Psychiatry
  • Tenured Professor:  Indiana University (Departments of Neurology and Physiology)
  • Chief of Neurology Services: Wishard Memorial Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Private practice of neurology at St Vincent's Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana 

Medical Honors and National Committees:
  • Recipient of a Young Investigator Grant
  • Held peer reviewed grants from the National Institute of Health
  • Past member of a National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute Advisory Committee
  • Invited participate at National Institute of Health supported conferences and site visits
  • Past member of the National Task Force on Blood Pressure Control in Children

Chinese Export Porcelain—a hobby

For more, please see Chinese export porcelain