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Chinese Export Porcelain
  • From Antiques Magazine on Line (PDF)
  • From Books Received on Maine Antiques Digest (PDF)
  • Oriental Ceramic Society of London 7/7/08 (PDF)
  • Why Collectors Collect - Jan/Feb 2010 - Inside Track (PDF)
  • The Passionate Collector from the Indianapolis Museum of Art Bulletin Feb/Apr 2011 (IMG)
  • Eli Lilly Collects: Emotion at Work-July/August 2011-Inside Track (PDF)
  • How New Science and Historic Archives Reveal a Collector's Decision-Making Process - Summer 2012 (PDF)

    Lectures by Shirley M. Mueller

    "Inside the Head of a Collector." March 14, 2013. Maastricht University Art Markets Symposium in Maastricht, Holland in conjunction with the Maastricht Art Fair.

    "Is It Real?" February 15, 2013. Southeast Asian Ceramic Society, Singapore.

    "Eli Lilly's Collecting Habits." June 29, 2012. Association of International Women, Indianapolis, IN. in Carmel, IN.

    "Order of Cincinnati Chinese Export Porcelain: Is It Real?" November 5, 2011, American Ceramic Circle in Birmingham, AL.

    "Eli Lilly and C.T. Loo: Passion, Deception and Deceit." April 8, 2011. Asian Art Society annual meeting, Indianapolis, IN.

    "Art: For Love or Money." October 20, 2010. Maastricht University Art Markets Symposium in Paris, France in conjunction with the FAIC art market.

    "Mr. Lilly Collects: The Eli Lilly- C.T. Loo Connection." April 16, 2010; Connor Prairie spring luncheon at Connor Prairie in Carmel, IN.

    Exhibit currently at Indianapolis Museum of Art through 2013: