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About Shirley M. Mueller
Founder of MyMoneyMD.com

Shirley M Mueller turned every person's fear - inability to invest his or her hard earned money wisely - into her greatest passion. In her first career in academia and medicine, she managed seven family investment accounts. Her success further charged her interest. This led to retirement at age 53. Mueller then worked for seven years in the investment industry. Now, she specializes in guiding clients, both one-on-one and in groups about how to effectively self-invest using a simple and effective three-step approach. Mueller is not associated with a firm for whom she has to promote a party line. Her fee is hourly, not a percentage of assets.

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The foundation of Mueller's skills comes from her extensive interest in the area over the last twenty-five years. She passed series 7, 6, 63 and the life and health insurance examinations as well as the Registered Investment Advisor test. Her investment positions at New England Life, Schwab, Goelzer Investment Management and Star Wealth Management also rounded off her training. Mueller has a BS from Clark College in Dubuque Iowa, an MD from the University of Iowa and was on the faculty of Indiana University before entering the private practice of medicine. Since the late 1990s, she has been directly involved in the investment industry.

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